How to Send Yourself Notes and Files on WhatsApp

A significant number of WhatsApp users may be found in India. It may also be used to transmit files, photographs, and videos in addition to being used for talking. One of those programs where users spend most of their time is WhatsApp, which has grown more popular. Since this is the case, we will share with you today a WhatsApp hack that will allow you to take notes while using the app.

How to Send Yourself Notes and Files on WhatsApp

Having a conversation with oneself on WhatsApp is the most straightforward approach to taking notes. Everything from jotting down phone numbers and shopping lists to organizing to-do lists and even crucial files may be done in a single window that can be shared with others. The most exciting aspect is that this tip applies to Android and iPhone devices.

To create notes using WhatsApp, do the following steps:

1. To do this, you will need to access the browser version of WhatsApp. You may do this task using the Chrome web browser on either your phone or your computer.

2. Launch the Chrome web browser on your computer or mobile device.

Input this link:

3. In the link, you will need to input your 10-digit phone number in place of the already existing X.

4. Press Enter. You will be presented with choices to "Continue to the conversation" as well as "Continue to web chat."

5. A window for a conversation you may use to communicate with yourself will open.

6. Once you have responded to the welcome message, you will also be able to access this chat on the mobile application version.

7. You may now send text messages to your own number.

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