Journalist resigns in favor of Peter Obi's campaign

 A female journalist has stepped down from her position to offer her complete support to Peter Obi, the presidential candidate for the Labour Party (LP) in 2023. On Saturday, this information was divulged by an Abuja-based journalist named Favour Bassey Otu.

Journalist resigns in favor of Peter Obi's campaign

Otu noted that the choice she made was based on the nature of her employment prevented her from expressing and openly demonstrating her support for her chosen presidential candidate.

They insisted that journalists should not have any political affiliations (unbiased and fair). She tweeted, "So I resigned my position with @SilverbirdTV to throw my full support on @PeterObi. After the elections next year, I'll apply for a media job maybe with @channelstv or @ARISEtv or start up my business." So she tweeted, "So I resigned my position with @SilverbirdTV to throw my full support on @PeterObi."

In other news, Babatope says he plans to support Peter Obi In 2023

An ex-Aviation Minister and Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) member have indicated that the PDP's 2023 election priority would be competence and ability rather than zoning. When he announced his support for former Anambra State governor Peter Obi as the chosen candidate for president in 2023, Babatope made the announcement.

He remarked, "We have done some groundwork since we lost power in 2015," while discussing the possibilities of the PDP in this year's elections. We are aware of our errors that have lost us power. We've learned from our errors and aren't going to make them again. We've also put up a formidable squad. Our minds are the most powerful in the world. I'm pleased with who's running for the White House right now.

He went on to say that Peter Obi has the ability to make major reforms that have the potential to improve the nation. Babatope believes that if given a larger political stage, Obi would be able to do more, based on his illustrious background and record of accomplishments in government. According to the PDP Chairman, Obi is the party's best bet for the 2023 presidential nomination.

"I have no ill will toward the other candidates. All of them are eligible to compete. Atiku previously ran for office and lost. Of course, he's free to run for re-election. Everyone can fit in the room. However, if I had the choice, I'd go with Peter Obi. I have to tell you, Peter Obi is my favorite. This has been repeated many times. No matter where the candidate comes from, it doesn't matter The most important factor is the person's background and ability to implement major reforms that will move the nation forward. Peter Obi is one of my favorite people. Babatope described him as an economist and a political realist.

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