MTN 200 for 1GB/week, activation code

 This article shows you how to activate the MTN Data Plan that provides you 1 GB of data for just 200 Naira for seven days.

MTN offers a variety of data packages, each with different pricing. However, we'll focus on the 200 for 1GB data bundle that lasts seven days (1 week).

MTN 200 for 1GB/week, activation code

People have been complaining about the high cost of data bundles for a short time. Therefore, the data plan was created.

Using MTN's new features, customers may now get their data at a more reasonable price. The result is that more people are signing up to utilize MTN.

The data bundle is available to all MTN customers who have had their SIM cards active for at least 30 days. Wow, what a breakthrough!

Which MTN plan offers 1 GB of data for 200 naira?'

MTN4ME is the data package that allows customers to acquire 1GB of data for 200 naira. It was designed by MTN to give customers access to data packages at reasonable prices. The following is a list of related MTN data plans.

  1. MTN 4GB for 1000 Naira
  2. MTN 250mb for 100 Naira
The codes for these plans can be used to activate them. When you sign up for a plan, you'll learn about the many terms and conditions that come with it. Huge data bundles may now be purchased at reasonable prices.

How Can I Get 200 Naira For 1GB Of MTN Data?

Hundreds of questions have been asked by interested users concerning this particular topic of eligibility. MTN has extended this deal for customers who haven't recharged, made calls, or sent SMSes in the last 90 days.

This implies that everyone can take advantage of the incredible deal. To ensure your eligibility, MTN has taken care of you.

You may find out if you're eligible by contacting *131*65# or *559*65#.

Your eligibility status will be displayed on the screen when this code is called.

You may be required to use the SIM card for at least 30 days with regular Airtime recharge by MTN in specific circumstances.

The requirement to recharge the SIM card once in a while does not mean you must do it daily. If you're having trouble determining your eligibility, you should give it 30 days before contacting customer care.

Activating MTN 200 for 1GB - What's the Process?

Call *131*65*2# or *567# to activate the 200 Naira data package. You've completed the process of signing up for a data plan.

You must have a balance of at least 200 Naira in your primary account to access the service (not bonus balance as bonus balance cannot be used for subscriptions.)

  1. Dial *131*65*2#
  2. input Number 2 in the pop up message.

You have successfully activated the data plan.

How Do I Disable or Refuse MTN 200 For 1GB?

The auto-renewal option is not included in the data plan. You have seven days to use the Internet after activating the data plan.

You must either renew it yourself when the seven days have passed or ignore it. There should be no justification to opt out of the data plan as it does not automatically renew.

To prevent it, however, the option of auto-renewal will be visible. If you accidentally clicked the auto-renew option, you can contact customer care or find them on social media.

How long is the MTN 1GB for 200 Naira offer good for?

This MTN data package has a solid 7-day duration (1 week). After 7 days of use, the aforementioned data plan expires and is no longer operational.

This means that after seven days, regardless of whether you used up the data allowance, you can no longer utilize it. For a cheap data package, that is a fantastic duration.

Can I Boost My New MTN 1GB Offer Data Cap?

Yes, after previously subscribing, you may accrue data on the new MTN 1GB plan. After your prior membership, you have the chance to collect more data. 5GB is available for merely 1000 Naira.

However, MTN terms and conditions are subject to change, and the data accumulation may no longer be permitted unless your prior data package has been used.

How to Check the Balance of MTN's 1GB for 200 Naira Data

Dial *559 *47# to check your remaining data balance.

After calling the code, a pop-up message describing the available data bundle and the number of days left until it expires should show on the screen.

Questions and Answers

1. Are all users eligible to subscribe to MTN4ME?

All users are eligible for the subscription. However, you must have used your SIM card for at least 30 days before applying.

2. How Can I Activate My Data Plan Easily?

The plan may be activated most easily by phoning 13165*2#.

3. For how long does the data bundle remain active?

The data bundle might last up to 7 days.

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