Airtel YouTube night bonus not working | How To Use YouTube Night Bonus Plan

 Airtel YouTube night bonus not working. How can you make it work? I have been subscribing to Airtel data plans 3 times a month, and they have rewarded me with up to 29GB+ youtube night bonus, but I don't use it, and it keeps accumulating more and more.

Airtel YouTube night bonus not working | How To Use YouTube Night Bonus Plan

The data plans offered by Airtel, known as "YouTube video packs," make it possible to stream YouTube videos on your mobile device at a minimal cost.

In contrast to premium data plans, ordinary data plans like YouTube's Plus Packs provide free nighttime access to the platform (1 AM-5 AM)

Dial *323# to choose from a variety of YouTube Video Packs, or use the direct activation code below to obtain access to the Airtel YouTube night bonus.

Plan NamePriceValidityUSSDStandard DataYouTube Data
YOUTUBE PLUS 1.0N1,00030 days*323*31#1.5GB3GB
YOUTUBE PLUS 2.0N2,00030 days*323*32#3.5GB6GB
YOUTUBE PLUS 2.5N2,50030 days*323*33#5GB10GB
YOUTUBE PLUS 3.5N3,50030 days*323*34#7GB10GB
YOUTUBE PLUS 4.0N4,00030 days*323*35#9GB10GB

Is your Airtel youtube night bonus not working, or is there a mistake somewhere? Well, I made a huge mistake about the Airtel youtube bonus. I normally start watching youtube from 11PM but noticed that it doesn't work if I don't have data in my main account.

The major reason why my Airtel YouTube night bonus was working is simply that I miscalculated the starting and ending times.

Airtel YouTube night bonus date starts working by 1AM  and ends by 5AM, but I thought it was 11PM to 5AM. I thought the time was 11PM to 5AM, just like MTN but on their own. So if your Airtel YouTube night bonus is not working, it might be because you forgot the starting and ending times.

How To Use YouTube Night Bonus Plan

Airtel's Night Bonus Plan for YouTube

Find out how to enroll in and take advantage of Airtel's YouTube Night Bonus Plan (Telecoms) by tuning in to A3 Techworld. If you want to view videos on YouTube on your mobile device, you may get a cheap data plan with Airtel's YouTube video packs.

The newest Airtel YouTube package for 2022 offers reduced prices for streaming videos from YouTube on mobile devices.

Airtel has introduced a new data package for YouTube Streaming that is more cost-effective than comparable subscriptions offered by competitors.

There are subscription options called YouTube Night Packs that let you watch YouTube videos continuously throughout the night (1 AM – 5 AM). You may choose any YouTube Video Packs and subscribe to the night bonus plan by dialing the number *323#. Simply dial *140# to view your YouTube Red Night subscription balance.

Airtel YouTube Night Plan FAQ

Below are the answers to most of the questions you might have about the Airtel youtube night bonus data plan

What time does Airtel's YouTube night plan start?

The starting time of the Airtel YouTube night plan is 1 AM. It gives you non-stop YouTube videos all night (1 AM – 5 AM)

How do I use the YouTube night bonus on Airtel?

You can dial *323# and follow the prompt. When you subscribe to the normal Monthly Plan, Airtel gifts you with an extra data bundle for Youtube Streaming. 

How do I buy YouTube data on Airtel?

Dial *323# and follow the options to select your most suitable plan. To check your Airtel YouTube data balance, dial *410#.

When does the Airtel YouTube night plan start?

1 AM – 5 AM. YouTube Night Packs plans offer non-stop YouTube videos all night (1 AM – 5 AM). So when you subscribe to the normal Monthly Plan, Airtel gifts you with an extra data bundle for Youtube Streaming.

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