Burna Boy costs 300m each concert and is provided a 13-seater private plane, 8 vehicles, a Sprinter bus, and van.

 It might surprise you that Burna Boy's concert fee is $300 million, including a private plane, eight vehicles, a Sprinter bus, and a van. The rewards of fame for many stars go well beyond material wealth and public adulation.

Some of these A-listers won't accept a contract to perform or make an appearance unless they're guaranteed the ultimate VIP treatment, starting with their transportation. Some of the requests made by A-list celebrities may seem reasonable, while others are completely outlandish.

Burna Boy costs 300m each concert and is provided a 13-seater private plane, 8 vehicles, a Sprinter bus, and van.

Artists often have a "rider" detailing the requirements that must be met by the venue or event organizer to get the artist's signature for a performance.

Since Burna Boy became a global "big boy," playing to sold-out crowds in the United States and the United Kingdom and teaming up with English singer Ed Sheeran and British rapper Stormzy, many event planners, especially in Africa, can no longer afford to hire him. Best seen on his rider, courtesy of Lifestyle.

It was cheap to book Burna Boy back then. The price of a business-class flight for him was less than the price of having him on hand at the moment for any show that may remotely be considered worldwide.

Any concert promoter who wants to bring Burna Boy to their nation must first pay a performance charge of $500,000. (300 million naira). The organizer would need to hire a challenger jet with 13 seats. The star's hospitality rider specifies, "Private jet to be vetted by management team before booking."

The 'Last Last' singer will be picked up from the airport by a fleet of five high-end cars, including a Sprinter bus. This Mercedes-Benz sprinter will be his primary mode of transportation, along with a van and three other SUVs (ranging from a G wagon to a Cadillac Escalade) that will be at the artist's disposal for the length of the tour.

Burna Boy likes to stay in upscale, four- or five-star hotels. A smoking executive suite, two junior suites, a deluxe king room, and six double standard rooms with large mirrors were likely reserved by the hotel.

A green room for him and his staff to unwind in between shows is also highly recommended. The green room has to include a smoking area and is kept private.

"The safe room needs to be on the same floor as the artist's studio. We must check out the hotel first,".

Burna Boy often takes his own flight without his band. Only he, his manager, and a few other trusted acquaintances will be allowed to use the jet.

The host, in conjunction with Burna Boy's management, must arrange for the purchase of 14 airline tickets for the musician and his band.

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