Airtel recharge code 2023

 Airtel recharge code 2023 for data and airtime bonus: One of Nigeria's top-tier telecom service providers is Airtel Network Limited. Many people utilize this network to communicate with their loved ones, make new acquaintances, and even advertise their companies. We'll be talking about the Airtel recharge code all over this page.

To confidently utilize the Airtel network, you must load a recharge card with airtime to contact any other network or data to use it to browse your preferred websites.

Do you want to immediately load data and airtime into your Airtel recharge card? We've got you covered with this article!

Airtel recharge code 2022

How to top up your Airtel phone in Nigeria

Please be aware that in addition to the code to use, there are numerous more quick ways to top off your Airtel recharge card, including bank mobile banking USSD codes or applications, airtime that someone else transfers to you, etc.

Dial *126* PIN# and then press the call button on your phone to add credit to your Airtel account using the Airtel recharge card code. For instance, if your recharge card's PIN is 7152 7654 3254 7614, you may now recharge it by dialling *126* 7152 7654 3254 7614# and then clicking Send.

Airtel recharge code*126* recharge card PIN#
How many digits are Airtel recharge16 digit numbers
Code to check Airtel airtime balance*123#
Customer care number of Airtel111
Remember that the Airtel Nigeria Recharge Card has a 16-digit recharge PIN. Please use the above procedure to load any phone you purchase onto your SIM card. The suggested Airtel recharge code is *126*recharge card PIN#, as was previously explained. 

Let's go to demonstrating the bonus code for your usage. Airtel bonus recharge code Simply fills your recharge card in the following format: *500*PIN# to load your Airtel recharge and receive bonus airtime to call other networks of your choosing. For instance, dial *500*2563789227190216# if your recharge card's PIN is 2563 7892 2719 0216.

For example, if you load an N500 recharge card using it, your account will be credited with an N2, 500 airtime bonus, and it can call any other network. Note: By loading your recharge card with *500*recharge card PIN#, you will gain 500% of your recharge card amount.

You can also receive an Airtel airtime bonus when you fill out your recharge card using *555*PIN#. Dial *123# to view your bonus balance.

You may purchase a second Airtel airtime bonus bundle on your SIM card for 20X. The Airtel bonus recharge code's recharge or subscription code is *241#.

To buy it, please follow the procedures below:

  1. Open your dialer menu on your phone
  2. Or just simply dial *241# to be the Airtel credit code for a 20X bonus
  3. A pop-up message will appear to select which 20X bonus you want.
  4. Choose from the available option in the pulp and continue.

Code for data recharge on Airtel.

After filling in your Airtel recharge card, dial *141#, choose any option to allow you to purchase a data bundle, and then follow the on-screen instructions if you wish to utilize your credit to purchase data. However, you only need to call *143*, Recharge PIN, and # to sign up for a data plan immediately using your recharge card PIN.

For instance, call *143* 12426238 98610913# to immediately fill out your Airtel recharge card and subscribe for 750MB at the rate of N500 if your PIN is 1242 6238 9861 0913.

There are just two or three aspects of the Airtel recharge code for immediate data purchase (*143*PIN#), and they are as follows:

  • If you owe Airtel airtime or data, they can’t deduct it
  • It makes you faster because you don't need to load recharge firstly before going to dial the data purchase code, *141#.
  • If the recharge amount is N100, the N100 data plan will be automatically subscribed to your SIM card. To check your available data balance, dial *140#.

Code for airtel bank recharging

As we have said, there are several ways to add airtime and Internet to your Airtel SIM card. The two most popular ways are bank recharge and USSD codes (*126*PIN#, *500*PIN#, *555*PIN#, etc.).

Every commercial bank in Nigeria has a unique USSD mobile banking number that consumers may use to load airtime into their SIM cards and those of others while relaxing at home or at work.

The USSD numbers and the names of the relevant banks are described below, along with how to use them to add airtime to your Airtel SIM card from your bank account.

First Bank Of Nigeria*894*Amount#
Guaranteed Trust Bank (GTB)*737*Amount#
United Bank Of Africa (UBA)*919*Phone No*Amount#
First City Monument Bank (FCMB)*329*Amount#
Access Bank Plc*901*Amount#
Fidelity Bank Plc*770*Amount#
Sterling Bank Plc*822*Amount#
Polaris Bank Limited*833*Amount#
Zenith Bank Plc*966*Amount*Phone No#
Union Bank Of Nigeria*826*Amount#
Stanbic IBTC Bank Plc*909*Amount#
Wema Bank Plc*945*Amount#
Diamond Bank Plc*302*Amount#
Unity Bank*7799*Amount#
Heritage Bank Plc*745*Amount#
Keystone Bank Limited*7111*Amount#
Citibank Nigeria Limited—–
Standard Chartered Bank*977*Amount#
Globus Bank Limited*989*Amount#
Providus Bank Limited—-
SunTrust Bank Nigeria Limited*5230*Amount#
Titan Trust Bank Limited*922*Amount#

How to recharge Airtel line on ATM machine

  • Insert your ATM card in an ATM machine
  • Choose “Airtime Recharge” on the menu.
  • Enter the telephone number of your SIM card as the “recipient number”
  • Enter the amount to top-up and choose ”Submit”.
  • Success: the airtime will instantly be credited to your Airtel credit account balance.

How to recharge Airtele line online

Airtel line (SIM card) can also be recharged with airtime or data without dialing any USSD code. What must be required is the telephone number of the SIM card that you want to recharge airtime to.

To continue, please read the following procedures:

  1. Visit Airtel website at
  2. Log in with either your number or your username and password
  3. Click on the Payment and Recharges on the left side navigation bar
  4. Click on the Prepaid Recharge option
  5. Now enter your mobile number and select your operator
  6. Select from the list of plans and presented them to you
  7. Enter the recharge amount and click Continue

Code to check Airtel data and airtime balance

After recharging airtime or data to your Airtel SIM card, you may want to check your remaining balance if you have used it for some times. To check Airtel balance, be it airtime or data, please learn from the table below:

FunctionUSSD code
Check Airtel airtime*123#
Check Airtel data*140#
Check Airtel airtime bonus*123# or *221*5#

How to borrow money to recharge your Airtel line

Insert your Airtel SIM card into your smartphone carefully after borrowing some airtime.
it dials *500#

To allow paying back your borrowed airtime, select "Repay Loan" by selecting option 4 on your keyboard.

You may now see the amount of your current loan balance following that.

Next, enter the amount you desire to deduct from it for the time being. For instance, if you owe N90 but want to deduct N50, just put in 50.

Your airtime will be deducted if your airtime balance exceeds N50, and Airtel will send you an SMS text message informing you of the action you just took and the outstanding loan balance.
Before attempting to return your borrowed airtime on the Airtel network, please make sure your line is sufficiently charged.

Simply leave a remark in the comment section with any assistance or questions you may have, or phone 111 to speak with an Airtel customer service person.
Instead of dialling any codes discussed above, Airtel Nigeria has it set up so that any loans customers borrow from them are automatically repaid once they have loaded their recharge card. As a result, you can disregard dialling any above codes and simply load airtime to your line to automatically repay any airtime you borrowed.

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