MTN Lumos solar subscription price 2023 (Daily, weekly, monthly & yearly plan)

 Here is the updated list of MTN Lumos solar subscription prices, one of the biggest fear for MTN Lumos solar is the subscription price. not everyone can afford to pay 6,000 naira plus per month for the MTN mobile solar system.

I am one of the few that started using the MTN Lumos solar system in 2017, and I thank God that today I am free from that bondage, I now use it free of charge, but I really suffered during the subscription.

MTN Lumos solar subscription price (Daily, weekly, monthly & yearly plan)

My biggest anger is how MTN keep increasing the price whenever they want and how they want, and it started when I have gone so far that I can't just quit. I started paying 4,500 Naira monthly when I bought the MTN Lumos solar, but before repaying the fees, I ended up paying 6k plus per month.

However, I have been using the Lumos for years, and I can say that it's of great quality, I don't see the battery getting weak after years of use. So can say that the Lumos solar is built with high-quality hardware, yes and I have opened the box o fix things recently and what I saw inside is amazing. How they build and sealed the system is really good.

About Lumos solar system?

Lumos, a market-leading supplier of top-notch solar home systems, is revolutionizing the African market with a cost-effective, dependable, and clean power solution.

Approximately 1 billion people in Africa now have limited or no access to the energy grid. We harness personalized service and simple technology to enable prosperity for millions of people.

Lumos facilitates prosperity and enhances living standards for families and company owners, allowing them to further their education, remain active after dark, seize new possibilities, and succeed.

While drastically reducing CO2 emissions, Lumos powers TVs, PCs, fans, and other appliances, ensuring that our clients save monthly money.

About MTN and Lumos

Before I list the current price of the MTN Lumos solar subscription price, I will like to tell you more about the system and other things you should. MTN is not the owner or the producer of the Lumos solar system.

MTN partnered with Lumos to bring the Lumos solar system to Nigerians and acts as the marketing agent. They only added the subscription feature to make it easier for those who might not be able to pay for the Lumos solar upfront.

After a few years, MTN and Lumos partially parted ways because of a breach of agreements between the two parties. Lumos started marketing and selling their product directly to Nigerian users after the issue between MTN and Lumos. The good news is that you can buy Lumos solar directly from them

MTN Lumos solar subscription price (Daily, weekly, monthly & yearly plan)

MTN Lumos solar subscription price

Subscription / DaysSubscription Price
1 DayN360
5 DaysN1,560
10 DaysN2,760
20 DaysN5,260
30 DaysN6,480
60 DaysN12,000
90 DaysN16,800
180 DaysN31,200
365 DaysN61,200

Whenever I look at the current price of MTN Lumos solar system all I say is THANK GOD because i am finally free from them. you will agree that even those that use a small Tiger generator can be good with 360 Naira fuel with more fun compared with the MTN Lumos with limited electrical gadgets that can be plugged in.

My recommendations

Don't buy MTN Lumos and agree to pay every month, the difference is much, save someone and buy the system and still and enjoy the same warranty while escaping the unfriendly monthly charges. However, you can still buy other small solar systems as long as you don't pay monthly subscriptions you are good to go. Best Alternative to MTN Lumos Solar Electricity

Lumos Eco nad Lumos Prime

Let me remind you that MTN Lumos solar system comes in two models, the normal one that was first introduced is Lumos Eco with 80W Panel, and 200Wh Battery. Appliances supported: LED lights, USB charger points, fans, radios, small TVs

The Lumos prime is the bigger one with more power, it has 160W Panel, 330Wh Battery. Appliances supported: LED-lights, USB charging points, fans, TVs, radios, trimmers, sewing machines, and laptops. find out more about Lumos ECO VS Prime–Solar Home System (No subscription required)

Don't hesitate to comment below if you still have any questions, and if you want to know the capabilities of the MTN Lumos solar system, then which this video and subscribe to my Youtube channel below:

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