Chacha Eke and her husband, Austin Ikechukwu, reconcile

 Months after she announced their split, Nollywood actress Chacha Eke is said to have reunited with her husband, Austin Faani Ikechukwu. Remember that in June, Chacha Eke divorced the movie producer she had been married to for nine years for the second time.

"I'm back on social media for the second time in two years, announcing with confidence that my marriage is over. She stated that my parents, the physicians, and Austin Faani are all aware of my long overdue and unwavering attitude on this.

While speaking on Sunday at the House on the Rock Church in Asaba, Delta state, during a testimony session, Chacha is seen insinuating that they are back together in a viral video that is now spreading online.

Chacha Eke and her husband, Austin Ikechukwu, reconcile

Austin, who was also present at the chapel, was often addressed as "my husband" by Eke. The actress also spoke about how her bipolar disease made her resent her husband and kids, whom she referred to as "my prized belongings," and how she battled it.

Eke said of a moment when her disease forced her to flee the house because "in my brain, my spouse planned to use me for ritual." The actress praised Austin for helping her through the difficult time.

Because my husband and I, who sat here, supported me, she said I chose not to go to the hospital as I was supposed to.

The priceless item I still own is my spouse and my kids. But you can count on bipolar illness to ruin my most priceless assets.

"If you have bipolar disorder, your favourite things and people become your deadliest enemies while experiencing an episode."

Chacha Eke declares, "I'll never leave my spouse.

I did not leave my house, and I will not leave, I declare to everyone who is out there. Nollywood actress Chacha Eke Faani has spoken about the sex scandals surrounding her marriage with hubby Austin Faani. The three-time mother, who is now expecting her fourth child, is certain that her marriage is still intact and that she will never leave her husband and kids.

She said that her bipolar condition is to blame for the turmoil recently surrounding her marriage. Remember how Chacha used social media a few days ago to broadcast a video announcing the dissolution of her marriage to her film director husband? The screen diva announced that her seven-year marriage was over in a video posted on October 3.

A few days later, she uploaded another video from a hospital bed in which she denied claims that domestic abuse had caused the breakdown of her marriage and said that she had been diagnosed with "Bipolar illness."

Her brother, Aik Eke, responded to her allegation on Instagram by denying that his sister is bipolar and asserting a cover-up. He accused Austin, Chacha's husband, of attempting to protect his reputation at the cost of his wife.

In a recent video, Chacha said that she was still married to her spouse and would never be able to separate from them.

She said: "Every time I am pregnant, something in me emerges, which has been odd with my prior pregnancies. Bipolar illness was identified as the cause of that incident a few days ago.

I start talking, acting, and thinking erratically as a result. I'm not divorcing my spouse, and I'll never leave him, my kids and my house. My family, my house, my status as Mrs Faani, and being the mother of the lovely children God has given me are too many blessings to take them for granted.

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