MTN Night Plan Code 2023 11pm to 6am | 2GB, 1GB & 250MB for N25

 Hever is a complete guide on how to get cheaper data plans for night browsing on MTN mobile network, If you have been given free Youtube night data or any other data plan that only works at night, then this guide is everything you need.

You will learn how to use your night data plan and how to get cheap data from MTN Nigeria. Do you frequently have an intriguing movie on your mind but not enough bandwidth to download it?

MTN Night Plan Code 2023 11pm to 6am | 2GB, 1GB & 250MB for N25

Or perhaps you stayed awake all night and could not view the popular TikTok videos, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Videos? The MTN night plan, available from 11 pm to 6 am, is your best bet.

The fact that MTN Night Plan, MTN Night Sub, or MTN Nightlife is one of the greatest data plans offered to MTN Subscribers is no longer a mystery. MTN subscribers may surf up to 2GB of data every night with this nighttime data package.

MTN's Night Data Plan has several advantages.

The benefits of using MTN are included in every service aspect, from data plans to tariff plans to special offers. What are the advantages of MTN night sub at this time?

You may save a lot of money while receiving tremendous information.

250 MB for N25 and 500 MB for N50 are the most affordable MTN data bundles.

You may watch videos online at night using MTN's night browsing.

Videos, games, music, photographs, and more may all be downloaded with its help.

Using the MTN night sub, you may send massive files across the internet. Putting Videos on Your Channel There, for Instance!

You may use MTN after dark to check your social media feeds, talk to friends and family, or even conduct video conversations.

MTN Night Plan: The Scoop

In 2016, MTN launched a new data plan called MTN night plan, which offers users affordable internet access after midnight.

On a certain MTN tariff plan, you may get the MTN night plan for as little as N25 for 250MB or N50 for 50mb.

You may use MTN's night data package to accomplish things like download files, communicate with friends and family on WhatsApp and Messenger, and watch online movies.

MTN's introduction of a night plan is a brilliant response to the changing nature of internet usage worldwide and, of course, in Nigeria. The reason for this is because the plan is suitable for many people who make significant use of the internet.

Now, for just N50 per month, you can subscribe and enjoy unlimited service. 

Who Qualifies for the MTN Night Plan from Midnight to Breakfast?

In order to save yourself time, you should first check if you qualify for the MTN night plan.

Of course, the MTN night data Plan is available to both current and former MTN SIM card holders.

However, it might be alarming to see MTN Pulse in the menu choice; however, be assured that the MTN Nightlife Bundle is available to all MTN subscribers, regardless of tariff level.

How to Do Night Plan on MTN

Doing or subscribing to MTN Night Plan is an easy step-by-step process. 

First, pick up your phone and dial *406#, then enter 4 which is Nightlife Bundle, and after you click send, the available Nightlife Bundles will be displayed on your screen. Once the options pop up, choose any of the plans your want to go for starting from N25.

Did you get it? If not, then follow it step-by-step as listed below. 

  • Step #1: Dial *406#
  • Step #2: Input “4” into the option box
  • Step #3: Choose the plan you want to subscribe to by entering the digit number it falls under.

Code for MTN Night Plan

*406*4# is the general code for the MTN night plan. But depending on the type/amount you want to subscribe to, there are more steps to follow. 

The following are all MTN Night Plan Code and a clear explanation on how to subscribe to your preferred Nightlife Plan on MTN.

MTN Night Plan Code For 100 Naira

Unlike Glo and Airtel, there is currently no direct code for 100 Naira MTN night plan. However, you can subscribe to Nightlife @ N50 twice to activate the 100 Naira MTN night plan.

  • Kindly dial *406#
  • Reply with 4 – MTN Nightlife
  • Select option 2 – 500MB for N50
  • Then, repeat the process once again.

MTN Night Plan Code For 200 Naira

Unfortunately, MTN doesn’t offer 200 Naira night plan. But, you can subscribe to Nightlife @ N50 four times through the night to make it your own or activate the 200 Naira MTN Night Plan.

  • Kindly dial *406#
  • Select option 4 – MTN Nightlife
  • Choose option 2 – 500MB for N50
  • Then, repeat the process 3 more times.

MTN Night Plan Code For 25 Naira

Dial *406#, then reply with 4 which is MTN Nightlife and then reply with 1 to subscribe 250MB Pulse Nightlife @ N25.

  • Simply dial *406#
  • Select option 4 – MTN Nightlife
  • Then, Select 1 – 250MB Pulse Nightlife @25

Alternatively, you can dial *406*4*1# to make the N25 night sub on MTN.

MTN Night Plan Code For 50 Naira

Dial *406#, then reply with 4 which is MTN Nightlife and then reply with 2 to subscribe 500MB Pulse Nightlife @ N50.

  • Simply dial *406#
  • Select option 4 – MTN Nightlife
  • Select option 2 – 500MB Pulse Nightlife @50

Alternatively, dial *406*4*2# to do MTN night sub with N50.

Using Text Messages to Activate MTN's Night Data Plan

Didn't it work with your MTN line using the aforementioned USSD approach? OR it just takes too long to complete?

Here's a quicker and easier way to complete MTN's 11pm-6am "night plan." The fact that it's an SMS is the greatest part.

Now it's finally here!

To get 250MB for N25 (8 times = 2GB), text "Nt1" to 131.


To get 500 MB for N50, dial "Nt2" to the number 131 (4 times = 2 GB).

MTN Night Plan, How Many Times Can You Do It?

The MTN night data plan limits you to 2GB of data usage every night, as was previously mentioned. If you're a subscriber to the MTN network, though, you may do or activate MTN Nightlife as much as you like, night after night.

How to View Your Remaining Night Bundle Data on MTN

Start by dialling *406#; next, select 4 for Nightlife Bundles; finally, select 3 for Balance to view your remaining monthly data on MTN's night bundles.

As soon as that's done, an SMS with your MTN night data balance facts will be delivered to your MTN line within a matter of seconds.

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